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Windows XP Wallpapers

These Windows XP Wallpapers are in honor of one of the greatest operating systems of all time. Almost everyone loved Windows XP and while Windows Vista was “okay” and Windows 7 was great, nothing will ever quite be as good as Windows XP. Recently, Microsoft announced that they will no longer be offering support for Windows XP and with how much of a let down Windows 8 was, we decided to honor Windows XP with some cool Windows XP Wallpapers. Feel free to download one of these Windows XP Wallpapers and share them with all of your friends. We’re more than sure that people will appreciate how cool these are. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and browse the wallpapers below. You will love them!

windows xp desktop backgroundwindows xp themewindows xp wallpaperwindows xp wallpapers


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