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Selena Gomez Wallpapers

Selena Gomez is now mostly known for her music career, but she actually rose to fame due to her skills as an actor. Selena Gomez appeared on the “Wizard of Waverly Place” which was a show that was broadcast on the Disney Channel. Selena practically grew up while she was in the eye of the public. As she started to get older, Selena started to put some effort into a potential music career. She released her first CD, “Kiss and Tell,” and it became a major success for the actress, which basically solidified her music career. Since then, Selena Gomez has released numerous CDs and tours around the world as a performing artist. Even though Selena has seen major success with her music career, she hasn’t forgotten about her acting roots. She recently appears in the summer blockbuster, “Springbreakers,” which also featured superstar, James Franco. Also, Yahoo just released their 2013 search terms of the year and Selena Gomez was in the top 10. To celebrate, we are going to hook you up with some Selena Gomez wallpapers that you will love.

Selena Gomez Wallpaper 1Selena Gomez Wallpaper 2Selena Gomez Wallpaper 3

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