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Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is a stunning American actress who is well known for her roles in several films.  She was born in Mexico, and came to America to extend her acting career that began in her birth country.  Her breakout role came from playing Carolina in the film “Desperado” opposite Antonio Banderas.  After that, her small part in “From Dusk to Dawn” solidified her position as a sex symbol.  Salma’s most acclaimed role came from her portrayal of Frida Kahlo in the film “Frida”.  She was nominated for an Oscar due to her powerful performance.  Another hat she wore during this film is that of producer.  She has created her own production company called Ventanarosa, and she has helped produce many films or the big screen and television.  Salma has her own experience in television, which is where she first started acting.  While it began in her home country, she’s had several guest roles on popular American television shows.  A couple of those credits are from “30 Rock” and “Ugly Betty”, the last show being one where she also was an executive producer.  To her absolute credit, she has overcome dyslexia while learning English as a second language.  Salma’s personal life is, of course, the talk of tabloids.  She married a French billionaire in 2009, and they have a six year old daughter named Valentina.  Salma has worked to bring awareness to many worthwhile causes, but they all have one theme:  Women’s rights.  This is clearly a cause near-and-dear to her heart, and she has even worked with UNICEF to help out.  She is a tremendous talent, as well as a wonderful humanitarian who continues to use her celebrity status to bring a positive change to a much deserved cause.  We have several HD wallpapers to choose from in our Salma Hayek collection.  Use it to decorate your computer as a reminder of a woman who is beautiful, inside and out.

Salma HayekSalma HayekSalma HayekSalma HayekSalma HayekSalma HayekSalma HayekSalma Hayek

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