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Rebel Wilson Wallpapers

Rebel Wilson is an Australian comedian and actress who more than lives up to her first name.  She is hailed as one of the sassiest new Hollywood face, but she had blazed her own trail long before coming to the States.  Rebel began her career in her home country of Australia at a youth theater, and performed so well that she earned a scholarship to study in New York City.  While there, she trained with and fine tuned her comedic chops at The Second City comedy club.  She is also a prolific writer and producer, which was obvious with the success of several shows that she created and starred in back in Sydney, Australia.  In the American film, “Pitch Perfect”, Rebel began her rise to fame in this country with both critical and audience acclaim.  There are rumors that she will be reprising her role of “Fat Amy” in a sequel.  She’s caused quite the stir when it comes to the issue of her weight.  While it is well known that Hollywood has a tendency to pressure popular actresses to get down to and maintain a particular low weight, Rebel takes her name to heart by bucking the traditional system and staying true to herself.  While this has ruffled some feathers, her moxie and fearless attitude toward the subject by not changing herself to fit the standard mold has made her into a modern day heroine to many women.  While hosting the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, she showcased her amazing comedic talent and wit.  She has a mischievous twinkle in her eye, as well as an electric smile.  She shows that looks shouldn’t be the only thing that really matters when it comes to a Hollywood star.  The Rebel Wilson wallpapers we have available show that she is a beautiful woman full of life, humor, and that current traditions are ready for a reboot.

Rebel WilsonRebel WilsonRebel Wilson

Rebel WilsonRebel WilsonRebel WilsonRebel Wilson

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