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Gremlins Remake Pictures

It was recently brought to our attention that the Gremlins remake is now official. We’re not sure exactly when we will be seeing the Gremlins remake (the original was a Steven Spielberg film) but we are super excited about it. Both the original Gremlins film as well as its sequel were extremely fun movies to watch. Most of you may know Gizmo (the main character so to speak) as the Furby look-a-like that won the hearts of the millions of people that watched the original movies. We’ll definitely keep you posted on any new information that may surface regarding the Gremlins remake or you can just check IMDB periodically for new updates. Now, in honor of the film, enjoy the pictures of Gizmo from the original film below. Feel free to save them, share them, and use them for whatever you want. We promise that you will love these!

Pictures of Gizmo from The Gremlins “being Gizmo.”

gizmo from the gremlinsgizmogremlins remake

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