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Fast and Furious Wallpaper Pictures

The Fast and Furious movies are known for being some of the best action movies of all time. They are centered around American street racers that always find themselves in some sort of explosive action scenarios. So far, there have been six Fast and Furious films to date, but there is a Fast and Furious 7 on the way. Unfortunately, one of the main stars of the film, Paul Walker has recently died in a tragic car accident, which has left the development of the 7th film in turmoil. However, producers have decided that they are going to continue with the film, but production is going to be delayed out of respect for Paul Walker. Either way, below you will find 3 Fast and Furious wallpapers that will help you remember these great action movies and honor Paul Walker — the man who played a huge role in making these films so famous.

Fast and Furious Wallpaper 1Fast and Furious Wallpaper 2Fast and Furious Wallpaper 3

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