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Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks has brought the red headed bombshell back to the masses.   With her smoldering good looks, she has brought the role of Joan Harris to life from the wildly popular AMC show, “Mad Men”.  She began her acting career at a young age by participating at a local theater, and then moved into modeling.  Christina had guest roles on several television shows, such as “ER”, “Angel”, “Firefly”, and “Without a Trace”.  “Mad Men”, however, has been her most notable show to date with her having received several Emmy nominations and critical acclaim.  Her character is also a big fan favorite, which has helped to propel her popularity and that of the show, as well.  Christina has taken some heat from other critics due to her non-modern figure.  She has a classic hourglass shape that has stymied some clothing designers when it comes to making dresses for her when she attends industry events.  She’s very proud of her figure, as many of her supporters are, as well, and refuses to conform to the Hollywood “norm” of being a size zero.  Her stand on this issue is helping to blaze a new trail back to the classic glamour of actresses from a bygone era, and it is gaining support.  She continues to shun the term “full figured” when, in fact, she is highly voluptuous.  Designers have finally caught up to the trend and need for dresses to suit her figure, as well as the everyday woman.  Christina has even gone as far as to design swimsuits for real women.  Christina is married to actor Geoffrey Arend, who is famous for his role in the film “Garden State”.  We have a wide selection of HD Christina Hendricks wallpapers to choose from that embrace her style, grace, and gorgeous figure that will decorate any digital screen.

Christina HendricksChristina HendricksChristina HendricksChristina HendricksChristina HendricksChristina HendricksChristina Hendricks


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