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Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano may have started out as a child star on television, but she has blossomed into a beautiful actress who continues to be a force in Hollywood.  She is best known from her early role as Samantha Micelli from the long-running hit television show “Who’s the Boss”.  She has gone on to other hit shows, such as “Charmed” and “Melrose Place”.  She has had some success with film, as well, such as “Hall Pass” with Christina Applegate and also in “New Year’s Eve”, which hosted an all-star cast for the ensemble romantic comedy film.  Alyssa has been in several made-for-tv films, mostly on Lifetime, where she has also been the producer.  What is closest to her heart are her charitable works with several organizations.  She has been honored with the role of a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the US where she has been campaigning heavily for women’s rights in South Africa.  She has also done a print ad for PETA where she was promoting vegetarianism.  Alyssa is an actress who struggles with dyslexia, but found her way in managing it with her career.  She has also expanded her personal brand to that of team apparel for female fans for Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, as well as the National Football League.  Alyssa’s personal relationships have been as well documented as her professional career.  She was once attached to the late Corey Haim, another actor Scott Wolf, a sports star, a musician and is now married to a talent agent, David Bugliari.  Alyssa and David were married in 2009, and welcomed their son, Milo, in 2011.  She continues to act in the ABC television series “Mistresses” as the character of Savannah Davis.  There are several HD Alyssa Milano wallpapers in our collection that show her beauty continues to shine after we watched her grow up on our televisions all those years ago.

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